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Get $50 for $40 at Pescada Steakhouse

Get $50 for $40 at Pescada Steakhouse

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The place is dimly lit and romantic. Certainly, a restaurant to bring a spouse or colleague. Their staff is led by Chef Lior who opened up the original dairy Pescada and he has put Chef Ben from Israel in charge of this meat restaurant. Add the sous chef Denise, who was the Executive Chef of Brooklyn Steak Co, along with Albert Bijou, the manager/consultant, and Daniel, head waiter, and you've got a pretty formidable team here. The way I look at it, and going back to the price question if you are worried that your bill will be high, but you still want to try out the restaurant, it's all in the ordering. You want to look for appetizers that are worth sharing and filling. My wife and I got 5 appetizers and we were pretty full. And it retailed for just $107. Five really good dishes and you're out of there. I'm sure the restaurant would probably like you to order a main, but just something to think about. But, yes, we got the Surprise steak too and finished it, because it was delicious, but even with all the items I got below, (let's say excluding dessert) you could have a phenomenal meal with 6 items for just over $200, for 2 people, everything in. Take away an app or two and it's well below $200. Not as crazy as you thought it would be, right? You don't always have to leave a restaurant where you can't walk. You will eat well, you will be satisfied, and you can have a banana when you come home if you still want a bite.
Food Type: Meat
Rabbinical Supervision: Rabbi Y. Gornish
Hours: 6:00 PM - 10:30 PM
Cuisine: American / Contemporary
Average Check: $50-$70

Pescada Carne

509 Avenue P (Between East 5th & Ocean Pkwy.) Brooklyn, NY 11223

(347) 702-5711


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