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Get $30 for $22 at Levy's of Hollywood

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Get $30 for $22 at Levy's of Hollywood

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Babaganush - Eggplant with mayonnaise and sesame paste         
Kube – Cracked wheat stuffed with meat
Cigars - Stuffed dough with spicy meat
Grape Leaves - Stuffed grape leaves with rice
Falafel - Chickpeas with onion and spices             
Israeli Salad - Cucumbers and tomato with parsley, cilantro and mint      

SANDWICHES - Pita / Laffa / Plate
Falafel- Chickpeas with onions and spices
Shawarma- Marinated roasted turkey with lamb               
Chicken- Marinated grilled breast of chicken
Baby Chicken- Marinated grilled chicken thigh
Schnitzel- Chicken breast breaded and fried
Beef- Marinated pieces of tender and juicy grilled beef
Kabab- Grilled ground beef with onions, garlic, parsley and spices
Lamb- Marinated grilled pieces of lamb
Tuna- Tuna salad with celery and mayonnaise
Tilapia- Grilled or fried
Salmon- Grilled

Smoked Turkey
Corned Beef

Shawarma- Marinated roasted turkey with lamb               
Chicken- Marinated grilled breast of chicken
Schnitzel- Fried breaded breast of chicken with sesame
Baby Chicken- Marinated grilled chicken thigh meat
Chicken Shish Kabab- Marinated grilled chicken on skewers
Beef Shish Kabab- Marinated grilled cubes of meat on skewers
Lamb Shish Kabab- Marinated grilled cubes of lamb on skewers
Ground Beef Shish Kabab- Grilled ground beef with onions parsley and spices on skewers                            
Rib Eye- Grilled rib eye 

Half Bar-B-Que Chicken
Whole Bar-B-Que Chicken
Bar-B-Que Ribs

Known for being one of the best Israeli restaurants in town, the more you visit Levy’s , the more you’ll want to come back. The atmosphere is friendly and homey. Even before ordering, if the clientele doesn’t convince you that this is authentic kosher Middle-Eastern food, then the food itself will. You certainly get the full Israeli experience here, with everything from shawarma, meat kabobs, pita, hummus, pickled vegetables, and even imported Israeli fruit drinks in the beverage cooler.

With the dinnertime rush, space may be tight, but once the food starts rolling out, you will undoubtedly become absorbed in the experience. When your order is ready, you can choose from a variety of condiments and salads you would like with your meal. The fresh hummus and eggplant are musts. They can make it super spicy, to satisfy your need for heat. The pita is thick, soft, fluffy and warm. This is not your typical store bought pita bread. Check out the  self-serve vegetable bar in the back; take as much cabbage, turnips, cauliflower, and cabbage as you wish. They do one of the best pickling jobs I've tasted, with just enough tartness, and a slight (yet not overstated) spicy kick.

All of their meats are flavored to perfection. Their ingredients are freshly made, and everything is seasoned nicely, full of robust flavors, no matter what food you order. Like their meats, the shawarma is substantial, fresh, succulent, and perfectly seasoned. If you’re up for a challenge, try to Zalmy burger. This burger may be enough to feed a family. Levy's should get bonus stars for the pastrami. The pastrami burger is a mountain of quality beef burger and pastrami with grilled onions and coleslaw on the side.  The fries are thin sliced and fried as if your grandmother made them from scratch.  The beef pita is made with the best and cleanest cuts of meat.  

Don’t skip over the dessert at Levy’s. If you ever thought Jewish desserts can't hold their own in the vast ocean of world cuisines, Levy's might make you think again. The Babka, baked as a complexly layered high-loaf bread with sweet Chocolate and a more traditional Poppy is worth the indulgence. They’re extremely moist, with interspersed layers of breading, filling, and streusel that keep the pastry interesting all the way through. Box up any leftovers, and toss it in your toaster oven the next day. The shortening that cascades out when heating will not disappoint. A great pair to coffee.

It's definitely worth the trip here for a taste of Israeli/middle eastern culture. You’re sure to walk out blissfully full, with hardly a qualm on quality

Food Type: Meat
Rabbinical Supervision: ORB

Sun-Thu: 11:30am-9:30pm
Fri: 11:30am-3pm

Cuisine: Delicatessen
Average Check: $15-$25

Levy's of Hollywood

3369 Sheridan St Hollywood, FL 33021

(954) 983-2825


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