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Get $25 for $20 at Fish Grill

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Get $25 for $20 at Fish Grill

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Rated "19" by Zagat.


As far back as anyone can remember, Aharon Klein has loved grilling.  At family barbeques, he was always the man behind the grill.  This life-long passion inspired him to open the first Fish Grill Restaurant in 1986.  His idea was to serve simply the freshest fish, grilled to perfection over mesquite coals, with the tastiest side orders, in a warm atmosphere.  Aharon knew that mesquite wood burns hotter and cleaner than most other fuels and would seal in the fish's juices and bring out its succulent taste.  The rest is history.
When you walk into the Fish Grill, you'll notice the quaint atmosphere and delicious aroma of freshly caught fish grilling over mesquite coals.  You are no longer in the big city, but find yourself transported to the colorful setting of an old fisherman's hangout of the 1920's or 30's, in Monterey, Cape Cod, or the Florida Keys.  You can almost imagine Steinbeck or Hemingway dining at one of the wooden tables before heading back out to sea. Of course a lot has changed since then, but at the Fish Grill, their mission has been the same for the last two decades. They pride themselves on serving the freshest fish available and won't compromise their standards.  
Truth be told, after twenty years of experience, discarding tens of thousands of tuna, salmon and sea bass to find the small percentage that makes its way to their grill, they can tell the difference just by glance and a feel.  “The eyes of fresh fish are bright and clear, and the flesh is firm to the touch,” states Klein.  And because Aharon understands how to cook the fish, there is no saturation of sauces, so you can really taste all the flavors.  
In this day and age, where diners are more health oriented, the Fish Grill is the ideal locale.  And because they serve only fish, they can compete with many of the non-kosher restaurants; a good reason why many non-kosher diners come in.  In fact, they scored a very good “19” in the Zagat Survey.  The Beverly location is just a few blocks from CBS Studios and is frequented by many stars.  And a few years back, they opened a Fish Grill across the street from Malibu Beach (pictured below). So step up to the counter and order one of Fish Grill's delicious dishes.  You'll get the freshest, tastiest fish in L.A. and reminisce a little bit about the good 'ole days.

Food Type: Parve
Rabbinical Supervision: Kehilla / Cholov Yisroel

Sun 11:30am - 9:00pm
Mon - Thu 11:00am - 9:00pm
Friday 11:00am - 2:30pm
Sat Closed

Cuisine: Dairy
Average Check: $12 - $15

Take-out. Lunch specials. On and off premise catering.

Fish Grill

7226 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036

(323) 937-7162


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