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Get 100 Shekels for $20USD at Bagel Cafe Jerusalem

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Get 100 Shekels for $20USD at Bagel Cafe Jerusalem

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Country Breakfast - Bagel, two eggs, baked potato with smoked mozzarella cheese, sour cream, butter and jelly
Shakshouka - bagel, eggs poached in tomato sauce and seasoned olives
Crunchy Mozzarella Salad- bagel croutons, cherry tomato, garlic, fresh mint, Kalamata olives, sunflower seeds, mozzarella cheese, lemon-pesto dressing
Antipasti- mixed lettuce, roasted vegetables, grated Roquefort cheese, walnuts
Nicoise- lettuce, tomato, roasted potato, green beans, cucumber, onions, mushrooms, tuna, hard boiled egg, tassos olives
Saloniki Salad - Bell pepper, cucumber, tomato, radish, purple onion, Bulgarian cheese, lemon & olive oil dressing
PASTA Choice of fettucini/ penne/ ravioli
Sweet Potato and Cream- roasted sweet potato, garlic, cream, nutmeg
Smoked Salmon- smoked salmon, parmesan and feta cheeses, cream
Mushroom and Cream- wild, champignon and portobello mushrooms, cream, basil
Apple Pie- served with vanilla ice cream
Victoria- milk chocolate mousse with white chocolate ganache on brownie
Opera- layered chocolate and coffee mousses

Do you enjoy eating out, too? Sitting with friends, a date, or your spouse over a cup of coffee and a delicious treat, chatting and laughing carelessly? When planning to go out, we seek a place which offers a unique atmosphere, a warm and friendly place which leaves us pleasantly satisfied.

Bagel Cafe is a coffee shop which combines a restaurant, a deli and a catering service. It is located at the German Colony in Jerusalem. At Bagel Cafe they offer delicious dishes prepared specially for you, on the spot, with the best ingredients. Their homely ambience is inviting to all - families, couples, or individuals - all are always lovingly welcome. You can enjoy their cuisine on spot or at home - However you prefer.

Bagel Cafe combines a large, comfortable coffee shop with intimacy guaranteed by owners who also actively serve as hosts. This combination is what provides for the unique experience we offer.”


The foundations to Bagel Cafe are rooted in the life stories of Shimrit and Tomer Touti, a tale into which bagels are inseparably intertwined…

Get to know Bagel Cafe’s owners: Even when first meeting, at the age of fifteen, both Tomer and Shimrit already knew what their desired vocation was – the restaurant business. “Even at home we bake together and so we practice restauranteering with great passion. It is what we like to do, our one special thing” – they say. And so, once they encountered the bagel it was only a matter of time before a strong relationship was officially established. “As students, fresh out of our parents’ houses, we lived in Tel Aviv in a small flat over a bagel shop. For three years we ate there, every day a slightly different recipe”. Tomer and Shimrit continued to encounter bagels wherever they went even after graduation, especially in the United States where they lived for a long time.

The U.S. is known as the bagel’s homeland, this is where it is classically prepared and served the old-fashioned way. After many years of working at and managing restaurants and coffee shops, the couple decided it was time for them to open their own place, the one they had always dreamt of.

“It is because we consumed bagels for so many years that we know all their secrets” — Tomer humorously testifies. We decided to create a place where we would sell the authentic, real bagel, just like the ones sold in American delis for generations. This is how Bagel Cafe was born.


Their bagels are prepared on the spot, at a quality unavailable before in Israel. Bagel Cafe is the only place in Israel where genuine American bagels, bagels of the highest international standards, are sold along with familiar dishes from around the world — pastas and lasagnas, rustic breakfast feasts as well as native Israeli dishes such as Shakshuka.

One of the main concerns so far as bagels go is freshness, that is why all dishes at Bagel Cafe are prepared on demand and your bagel is brought to you straight from the baking oven. The combination of the traditional way of baking bagels with modern and inventive cuisine creates an exciting  experience of diverse, rich flavors.

Apart from bagels, they serve a wide range of dishes all prepared “home made” style – their lasagnas, pastas, sandwiches, salads, fish, and breakfasts are always freshly prepared specially for you, once ordered.


Danessi CoffeeIsraelis love their coffee and can tell when it is of high standards. We are no exception.

An inseparable ingredient of the unique Bagel Cafe experience is the uncompromising quality of our coffee.

They invite you to enjoy an exquisite cup of Danessi supreme Italian coffee served alongside a slice of delicious cake or home baked cookies (or maybe with your bagel?), while glancing at the passersby or engaging in a pleasant conversation with your loved ones. You may now begin to understand what we mean when we promise a unique atmosphere…


Where there is food, there must also be cleanliness. For us it is just that simple: Shimrit, an owner, tells how keeping things uncompromisingly clean and tidy is an inseparable part of her character: “I believe passionately in clean and sanitary surroundings. I don’t need any reminders in the form of health ministry periodical inspections.” She further states that “everything is kept clean and shinning; we demand of our employees no less than meeting of the strictest international standards, all the while personally serving as role models for them.”


When in love, it is hard to say goodbye. Once getting to know their delicacies, you can make use of their deli and choose a complete meal to take home, from starters to desert – spoil yourself, your family, or your guests. They offer a variety of diverse dishes, original tastes, delights, and petit fours found nowhere else. Fish, salads, cheeses, pickles, and special spreads – alongside a bagel or on it. They also provide catering service for pleasant and lighthearted ambience events. All you need to do is call and place your order according to your plans and preferences. We will provide you with fresh, wonderful dishes which will surely please your guests and leave them feeling pampered.

Food Type: Dairy
Rabbinical Supervision: Mehadrin Kosher
Hours: Sun - Thurs 6:30am - 12:00am Friday - 6:30am - 4:00pm Saturday 8:30pm - 12:00am
Cuisine: Dairy

Bagel Cafe

46 Emek Refaim Jerusalem, 9314204 Israel



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